German Chancellor Angela Merkel with her new Thitz painting.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is very excited about her new painting from the German artist THITZ.

The painting was presented to her as welcome present by art collector and ZIV President B.Lange, during the Eurobike 2013 in  Friedrichshafen. Later Mrs.Merkel may add the painting to the art collection of the Bundestag.








Panel discussion on the occasion of DOCUMENTA 14 in Kassel with THITZ

The role of art, culture and politics in intercultural dialogue
Finding a home, creating a home

An evening on "Platform 1" 28. 07. 2017, at 20:00 h End of the event around 22:00 h

The Social Democratic Party Baden-Wuerttemberg
The SPD faction in the Kassel city council

Introduction: At home abroad
Oksana Kyzmychuk, artist_author, born 1983 in Novovolynsk / Ukraine.
Lives in Kassel since 2016. She reads an excerpt from her book "Kindheit unter den Eichen" (Childhood beneath Oaks),
which was published by Kerberverlag in autumn 2016.

Julia Ronge,  GRIMMwelt, Kassel
Werner Schretzmeier, director Theaterhaus Stuttgart
THITZ, Painter, Project “Kunst-Politik-Dialog”
Moderation: Dr. Rabani Alekuzei Cultural Policy Spokesman of the SPD faction
Location: Restaurant Gleis 1 at Kassel Central Station

Giovane Elber Foundation

2014. benefit for kids big benefit gala in the Waiblingen community centre

Huge applause for our gala! It was a really impressive event - our gala on the occasion of 20 years of Hilfsverein. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the artists who performed at the Waiblingen Bürgerzentrum on November 7th. Also with Mayor Andreas Hesky, the guests and guests of honour, sponsors and our hard-working helpers before and during the great event. Nice Ferreira provided with her band and her dancers and dancers for a relaxed atmosphere in the almost sold-out Ghibellinensaal. Vocal wonder Edson Cordeiro, the Brazilian samba queen Veronice de Abreu and the children's dance group of Sonia Fleckenstein were also enthusiastic. Thanks also to Katja Ebstein and Fredi Bobic for coming and Social Minister Katrin Altpeter, who awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon to Richard Schrade, the second chairman of the association.

Two Thitz factories were successfully auctioned off thanks to Ulrich Villinger and the Tigre Vermelho and Herbst Genussmanufaktur also contributed to the financial success of the gala. In addition, numerous large and small donations also came together.

Click here for a Powerpoint presentation of the gala.

Great benefit gala on the occasion of the 20th anniversary

Our big benefit gala on November 7th at 7 pm in the Waiblingen Bürgerzentrum with host Giovane Elber Farbenfrohe Brasil show with Nice Ferreira, her band and her dancers. Veronice de Abreu, the samba queen of Porto Allegre, will perform, as will Edson Cordeiro, the voice miracle that already fascinated at the gala in May 2010. Also the children's dance group Beija-Flor-Mirim from Heilbronn. Miss Germany 2009 Doris Schmidts will charmingly lead through the program and interview Giovane and other prominent guests on stage. Social Minister Katrin Altpeter will award the Federal Cross of Merit to Richard Schrade, the second chairman of the association, and Giovane Elber will also honour major sponsors on stage.  Fast action is recommended. Besides a great program there is also a great tombola with valuable prizes and two auctions (two-seater from Knoll-Sitzmöbel and a Thitz work of art painted especially for the gala with a Brazilian motif). The proceeds from the sale of culinary delicacies and delicious caipis during the breaks go entirely to the children of Londrina and children from Waiblingen. A big thank you therefore to the ticket buyers, donors and sponsors. The detailed programme, which was donated to us by Druckhaus Waiblingen, can be found here.

2013 Thitz-Bilder Benefit Exhibition for Winterbach Expo on 22. and 23.6.2013

"The bag is his trademark and still plays an important role today. She is a painting ground, an important component of his collages and an ambassador of foreign countries and cultures. Thitz has travelled the whole world and exhibited in many continents. He was also in Londrina and worked with the children of the Pestalozzi school. There he saw the misery with his own eyes and therefore wants to make sure with us that they are better off. Once again he supports us with his coveted works. At the Winterbach Expo we exhibit Thitz pictures and receive a large portion of the sales revenue"

During the Expo times on Saturday from 10 - 18 o'clock and Sunday from 11 - 18 o'clock we are represented in the Expo center with an information stand. Come by and find out about our activities, sponsorships, etc..

2010 Benefitz for Kids Big benefit gala in the Waiblingen community centre

Giovane Elber, Katja Ebstein, Edson Cordeiro, the dance group Beija flor, the choir Encanto and the Marques-Fuhrmann family offered a colourful programme worth seeing and hearing at the Waiblingen Bürgerzentrum on 7.5.2010. The Lord Mayor of Waiblingen Mr. Andreas Hesky and the Minister of Culture of Baden Württemberg Dr. Marion Schick gave a greeting.

The THITZ bag project from Londrina was the focus of the event. Thus, the children concerned could be present in the evening on behalf of the children through the bags they had designed. "Benefiz for kids" was the name of the event, which raised a lot of money for the children and the school in Londrina. The sympathetic moderator Alexandra Tapprogge hosted the event. SWR presenter Jürgen Hörig - known from "Kaffee oder Tee" and "Landesschau" interviewed Katja Ebstein and Giovane Elber. The tombola scored more than 10,000 euros.  The bids for Thitz Grafik, 100% donated by Thitz, quickly reached over 1,000 euros in the evening, and the auction was well above the gallery price - which should please the children in the favela in particular.

projecto de arte com sacolas - Brasil 

The bag project exhibition in Brazil was realized together with the Museu de Arte de Londrina 2009.   With this project, Thitz actively supported the work of the association for the promotion of Brazilian street children, Giovane Elber Foundation, and their Pestalozzi School in Londrina.  The football star Giovane Elber, who puts the link between Germany and the country's professional success in his hometown Londrina into a deeply human and very effective aid project for street children in Londrina, thus also hits exactly the nerve of Thitz who creates global connections through his art projects, which are independent of country borders and continents, skin colors, religions, rich or poor people. Thitz worked with the children in the favela and created together with them a huge "bag banner" with the inscription PAZ, which was shown in many places in Brazil and Germany to draw attention to the project.

2008 Benefit event in Munich for the Giovane Elber Foundation.
16 October 2008 - 30.11.2008

The exhibition in the rooms of Galerie Trost (closed 2010) in the heart of Munich's central gallery district began on October 15 with the benefit event for the Giovane Elber Foundation (Londrina Brazil, Munich "Winterbach). Thitz and Giovane Elber handed over the painting "10 years Tütenliga" to the buyer.  All proceeds were donated to the Giovane Elber Foundation.  Thitz has been supporting the aid projects of the Giovane Elber Foundation for street children and schools in Brazil for years.

Press links : BILD 16.10.2008

Isarbote 20.10.2008



"HOPE" A bag project by Thitz

The nationwide kick-off event for the project "Hope for Eastern Europe" of the Diakonisches Werk der Evangelischen Kirche Germany on 8-10 February in the Stadthalle in Speyer was opened by Lord Mayor Schineller. The bag project "HOPE" was the central artistic contribution to the event. Students and pupils from Odessa (U) and Speyer worked on the more than 300 black and white bags for the installation. Posters were printed from the bag installation and sold in favour of "Hope for Eastern Europe".
Minister President and SPD Federal Chairman Kurt Beck and Minister a.d. Dr. Heiner Geißler discussed the perspectives and needs of such projects for Eastern Europe with Mr. Schindehütte (Bishop for Ecumenism and Foreign Work of the EKD) and Mrs. Golubenku (City Councillor Odessa) in the discussion round. Thitz then presented the bag project in more detail in an interview with moderator Quach.

For some years now, Thitz has been conducting so-called nationwide "bag surveys" of people from a city or in a specific environment. For example, the citizens of Goch (D), Athens (GR) and Miami (USA) were sent bags with the request to fill them with a personal object, to paint them or to design them in any way and to return them.

"I am looking for commonalities among the citizens of the world, which are independent of politics, economy, culture or religion, especially in everyday life.  The everyday object bag is only one element of an already existing "global culture", which already exists today!  For example, a person in Odessa carries his purchased bread home in a bag in the same way as a Stuttgart person.  Today art is one of the few ways to present these commonalities and thus perhaps to develop our language further. " said Thitz.

The project takes place in cooperation with the Gallery Kulturraum Speyer.

Films by Thitz & Tobias Sandberger at Kunstverein Hamburg

Our films MESSAGE and MANAGE (produced by Phitz Philm: Thitz + Tobias Sandberger) were shown for the first time at the Kunstverein Hamburg on June 1, 2011. (Trailer see link: The success of the film evening makes us seriously think about a continuation of the "-AGE" series.

"The film samples selected for the evening were all shot in black and white. And even if they seem to refer to the beginnings of film history, they were only made between 1990 and 2001.

The recourse to these early film precursors is counteracted by the use of film and processing methods that were current at the time. Most of the films were made on video or in Super 8 format and were subsequently "inflated" to 16mm, for example. Two of the films shown - "The Message" (1990) and "Manage" (1997) - tell a sequel in which the characters Mr. Clown and Mr. Clock take centre stage. By showing these two films at the Kunstverein, they also return to their location."

 Newsletter Kunstverein Hamburg.

Kunstverein Hamburg   |   Klosterwall 23  |  20095 Hamburg (Germany)  | Tel. +49(0)40 32 21 57  |    hamburg(at) 

Collection Dr.August Oetker, Bielefeld (Germany)

Great Thitz Work in Oetker Collection

One of the largest Thitz works has been purchased for the Dr. August Oetker Collection in Bielefeld since March 2009.  Galerie Rothamel was able to handle the sale just before Art Karlsruhe, where the painting "BAG Art" with a proud 200 x 400 cm should hang first. It is not the only Thitz picture in the Oetker family property but certainly the biggest!

In addition to the friendship with August Oetker and other members of the family, regular cooperation with companies of the Oetker Group developed. Thus, the artist THITZ was able to paint a large-format work for each of the branches of Chemische Fabrik Budenheim. ( Budenheim Columbus (USA), Budenheim Valencia (Spain), Budenheim Monterrey (Mexico), Budenheim Zaragoza (Spain) and Budenheim India is planned for 2018).

Thitz in the WÜRTH Collection

Die bekannte Sammlung des Künzelsauer Schraubenherstellers ist um eine Attraktion reicher.

The picture "Be Art" in Künzelsau was integrated into the collection on the occasion of the company's anniversary in 2005.

"The Würth Collection, created by the entrepreneur Reinhold Würth, is one of the largest and most important private collections of 20th and 21st century art in Germany. The pictures in the collection are shown at the Würth Museum in Künzelsau, the Kulturforum Würth Chur, the Kunsthalle Würth and the Johanniterhalle, among others. Wikipedia

Image: Detail "Be Art" Acrylic paints and bags on canvas, 2005


The purchased Thitz works were exhibited for the first time in the opening exhibition of Richard Meyer's spectacular museum building (opening on 22.10.2004). Together with the 2 fabric figures (each 160 cm tall) and the design for the museum bag one could experience a beautiful presentation of Thitz works.  

Besides the purchases of Thitz paintings, there are other projects for the opening of the museum, such as the first inside printed museum heat bag. Whoever buys a catalogue gets it in a Thitz bag. The bag can also be purchased in the museum shop.
A Thitz Burda Museum postcard, Thitz museum espresso cups and the Thitz catalogue book were also available in the shop for the opening.

Museum of the Frieder Burda Collection (right next to the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden)

Picture: "New York", 140x100cm, 2004 acrylic and bags on canvas (purchase of Frieder Burda collection at Galerie Rothamel)

Cityarts Benefit at the Chelsea Art Museum

Alp Galleries and Thitz donated a picture for the "Cityarts" group in New York. This association, which includes renowned New York industrialists and personalities such as the architect Daniel Liebeskind, takes care of the active design of graffity-painted walls in collaboration with professional artists. In this way, the aspect of beautifying urban space is to be set against that of "destruction" and at the same time a new perspective is to be given to the kids.

Further works by artists as well as a work by Nam June Paik were auctioned on 4.5.2006 by Sotheby's auctioneer Christopher Gaillard with very good results in the Chelsea Art Museum.

Thitz official New Pop artist 2005 of SWR3


Thitz is the official New Pop artist 2005 of the SWR3
"The internationally renowned artist Thitz designed the poster for the SWR3 New Pop Festival 2005. We visited him in his studio and looked over his shoulder while painting Thitz-Standpunkt: always two different shoes. His wife "DADA" covered his house in a village near Stuttgart with colorful bricks.
His exhibitions have taken him to New York, Zurich and Barcelona. He is represented at fairs in Cologne, Paris and Miami, his works hang
When he puts a painting in an exhibition, he rarely sees it again: as soon as it hangs, it is usually sold shortly afterwards.

Thitz made his international breakthrough with his Bag-Art. "I once found a stack of bread bags in the trash and started experimenting around the studio." In the end, the bags have become his trademark.

Thitz either designs them himself or he even integrates them into his paintings with the motifs depicted on them. So it's no wonder that the SWR3 New Pop Poster 2005 also focuses on a bag: "Bag-Stage" - the big trend festival of future music stars presented as a multicultural bag of wonders. Thus his New Pop poster is a classic Thitz. The limited art print of it also has a special color to offer:
The flute is printed in silver as a special colour. If you are looking for one of the limited
to "bag" posters has another chance! Secure your Thitz quickly."

Excerpts from the "SWR3 Magazin 6.2005 " which appears in a circulation of 100,000)

Baden Baden Baden was completely full of Thitz posters - even the light boxes in the city were "thitzed up" during the festival.

The festival lived up to its reputation in every respect! Real "New Pop Art" on stage and in the visual arts.

Reports in newspapers, radio and television (ZDF and SWR) accompanied the artists and the event in great detail.

The Thitz Books

The illustrated Thitz-bag book is called "Bemalte Städte-painted Cities" and was published in 2006 by the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe and the Miami Childrens Museum MCM.

All Thitz books have become an integral part of his artistic world and are already appreciated today as collectors' items.

Other books/publications

Bag Projects

Bag Art Projects

Thitz designs website for USA project
The USA Wide Project started with 300 million e-mails. Under the heading "American Dream Town" all visitors of the site could choose their favorite "Town" in the USA. Cities have been nominated in all states. The winner town was Glenn Rose in Texas. Thitz's work plays a central role in the whole project. The pictures painted for the "Icons" were handed over to the "Winner-Town" museum after completion of the project. It was a very charming and very American project that was great fun. The Thitz pictures for the project can be seen on 10 pages in the new book. You can still see the little Thitz-Art bag at the bottom of the new "Dream Town" page for 2004.
 Press release about the project in "Newsday" USA

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